Active Box setting on Anyplace TV app

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Active Box setting on Anyplace TV app

What is the purpose of the "Active Box" setting?  Does anyone know? 

Also, why are there some channels that you can't watch (among which is #100)?



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Resident Expert
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Re: Active Box setting on Anyplace TV app

1. The Active Box setting is probably a holdover from when AnyPlace was able to programme recordings into the PVR(s) that you have remotely. This hasn't been the case for years, but it's probably left over from then.


2. When the rights for programming are negotiated with the rights holders there are different rights for:


- watching on a box (regular TV)

- streaming on a device (phone, tablet)

- streaming via browser (computer)

- casting

- on demand

- location (home, Canada, Outside Canada)

- etc.