Mobile Internet Slow Download Speeds

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Re: Mobile Internet Slow Download Speeds

Thank you for clarifying.


I'd like to look into this further for you to find out why your mobile service is degraded.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Re: Mobile Internet Slow Download Speeds

It’s been awhile since my last query re: ‘better/improved’ Internet service in my area ( NW of Toronto near Hockley Village and Loretto ON )


What is Rogers doing to keep their customer base in this area ?


My current average down ‘n up is 3-7 & .9-3.

WHEN will this area be upgraded ?


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Re: Mobile Internet Slow Download Speeds

Hello, @alanvmills


Thank you for posting your inquiry to the community.


We're disappointed to hear that you are still experiencing issues with your wireless service. Have you reported the slow speed issues you're experiencing with our MyNetwork tool? You can find it located in the MyRogers app. Simply tap on support then MyNetwork and you can report connectivity issues based on your geographical location. You can find the specific steps by clicking here.


Once it has been reported it will be sent to our wireless network operations teams to investigate the connection problems.


We appreciate your patience regarding the slow speeds you've been experiencing.



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Re: Mobile Internet Slow Download Speeds

I recently purchased a ZTE MF279 Smart Hub. I have been vacationing in Port Maitland and the Dunnville area. I was experiencing the same slow LTE speeds. Bars looked fine, showed LTE available, calling and texting seemed to be fine, but data was usable. The speed was less than 1 mbps. The "free Wi-Fi" that was provided I had was Xplorenet which was equally as bad and/or worse. I was having the same speed issues from my iPhone, iPad, and my wife's Samsung Phone, so I know it wasn't a device issue.


After a lot of experimenting and googling around, I found if I manually switched to "Rogers EXT" and with proper placement in my cottage, it gave me much faster speed around 10mbps to 15mpbs, this is their extended coverage which roams off the Bell and Telus towers. This may take some configurating tweaking, so my steps may not work the best for you depending on what area you are in. Keep in mind this meant for occasional use and not to be used for long term as you could be blocked if the majority use does not come from the Rogers network directly. I am not sure of the usage limits, but I would double check with Rogers or if a moderator can post a message stating the exact allowable limits before going long term.


I was able to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, use my laptop, and everything worked my my phone great. It's not blazing gigabit speed fast like it is back home, but it's actually useable and works good with multiple devices. This helped so much. You can notice if it is roaming if the signal bars are flashing green or blue. Just make sure you switch it back when you get back in a strong Rogers network area.


I really hope this helps someone as it saved me and my son a lot of agony not being able to use data when in a very rural area.