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Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub

I've been here awhile

Good morning!


I have been having ongoing speed issues with my ZTEMF275R turbo hub almost since the day I first purchased this service.


When the unit was new one year ago it would operate at 20 meg download no problem and worked very well.

Then six months ago the speed dropped to 10 megs...and then to 6 megs shortly after.


The turbo hub works very all types of weather, it's only problem is that it is slow.


There is a huge difference in internet operation when your speed is 20 megs compared to 6 megs.


I have contacted Rogers tech team numerous be told that there is nothing wrong with my service and that the problem might be with the turbo hub.


So, after hearing the same old song and dance from the tech team....I tired a new ZTEMF275R turbo hub...with a brand new sim card and plugged in the device.


The speed was up to 20 megs once again....and then throttled down to 6 megs within minutes.


This leads me to believe that the problem is with Rogers and that they have throttled my speed down.


Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a fix?


Thank you for your assistance.








Re: Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub


Good day @TimBreton,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!

Thank you for posting about your experience with the ZTE MF275R Rocket Hub.


Getting reliable speeds is extremely important, especially when it comes to your household internet connection. We want to help you resolve the ongoing slow speeds issues you've been experiencing.


Are you running your speed tests using a wired connection (Ethernet cable) from the hub to the device you're running tests on, or are we looking at Wi-Fi speeds? Are there other devices connected to the Wi-Fi network while you are running them?


Some MF275R users reported getting higher speeds when turning LTE off. 

This might be a long shot but could you try this and let us know if it helps in your case?


To do so, enter or http://setup.zte in the address bar of your preferred browser.

Login, then click on the Settings tab. 


Network Selection: Select Settings > Network Settings > Network Selection.

Your device should be set to search network automatically.


To try this troubleshooting step, please select 4G Only. The device searches for 4G network only.

Click Apply to confirm your configuration.


Once that completed, run some tests again and let us know what you're findings are.

Looking forward to your reply!



Re: Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub

I've been here awhile

Good afternoon!

This is exactly that sort of response that really frustrates me....

I know the set up protocol very well and have tried a variety of changes to effect the performance of the unit.

Your response is there is no way to tap into the 4G network via the ZTE unit itself.

The unit is set to go to a LTE signal whenever possible...and will move to a 4G signal if it cannot latch onto a LTE signal.

In other words I cannot set the system myself to go into 4 G mode only..and why would I?

When you have a 4G signal...the V indicator is yellow.....when in LTE mode the V indicator is green.

In 4g ...I can only pull 3 megs LTE 6 megs max.

Again very frustrating as your so called fix indicates that you do not know what you are talking about.

Is there not someone at Rogers who actually understands how the system works?

Is there not someone at Rogers who can flip a switch and set my internet back up to receive 20 megs?


I have spend countless hours trying to resolve this issue.

Thought I would give this forum a try....not impressed so far.


Think about it please...I was able to receive 20 megs for a short time. All of my lights are in the green.

This would indicate that my signal is strong.

The problem is not my is something on your end.


LOL and please do not ask me if the unit is plugged omg that just kills me.

This is always the first questions that your "techs" ask when I call.














Re: Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub

Hello, @TimBreton.


I can appreciate your position; slow speeds can be bothersome. It's good to know that you are well versed with configuring your hub. 


We will appreciate if you can list all the troubleshooting done so that the  Community can share their expertise to find a solution. 


It seems something has changed in the past six months resulting in slow speeds even though you have all green lights on the hub. How far is the nearest tower from your location?


I'm not sure if you tried testing speeds from other locations. If you are getting good speeds from other locations or when you are close to a tower then you can consider an external antenna. Please check "Rocket HUB external antenna" thread for extensive discussion. 




Re: Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub

I've been here awhile

Thank you for your response.

I am 2.5 km from the nearest tower.

Signal is green across the board. This means that I am on the LTE 4th gen signal.


I have tried antennas in the past to improve my signal, made NO difference.


Once again wasting my time.


The problem is with how you are controlling data flow on your end.


I am convinced it has nothing to do with me.


Why don't you spend some time looking into the for me.


There is nothing wrong with my unit...reception is excellent.


Thank you!






Re: Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub

and look at that no more help eh? Im having a problem with them throttling my connection as well. my rogers cell gets full LTE but my turbo hub will only receive 4g, used to have full LTE on it but it is gone now.

Re: Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub

Greetings and welcome to our Community @leadboots!


You have come to the right place for assistance with your Hub. The issue occurring here could very well be due to congestion in the area. Please rest assured that we do not throttle our customer's connections.


Your Hub being unable to connect to LTE isn't a sign of throttling. There are a few different reasons as to why your Hub may not be able to see the LTE network. Have you attempted yet to factory reset the device?


Please let us know.


If factory resetting does not help whatsoever, please PM us @CommunityHelps for further support. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




Re: Speed concerns with a ZTEMF275R Turbo Hub

I have the same issue. Great signal all green and the speeds run from 200kbs to as high as 15 mbs. 

My guess is that the capacity is moved away from the hubs during busy periods to other devices. 

I live near a major highway with lots of weekend traffic and that is when the hub is at it's worst. 



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