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Frequent local outages

I've Been Around

There has been 4 'local outages' in the past one month. This has affected my job severely as I work from home. Every time the outage occurs, this what I do:
- reboot modem

- plug out and plug back in the LAN cables

- call Rogers tech support

- each time they tell it is a local outage and they would send people over

- the connection resumes after roughly 1-4 hours every time


I am so fed up with this. If a problem could be identified and rectified, it could make life so much easier. There are 4 people at home whose jobs depend on home internet and we've already lost pay for the outages. I would really like to know the issue or a technician to be sent to identify this issue.



Re: Frequent local outages


Hi, @waterlooguy
Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your post! 


Frequent loss of service can be very frustrating especially when it impacts on your work and I understand how important it is to have a consistent connection. 


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Click on check your internet network status and then enter your information and our virtual assistant Anna can determine if there is a service interruption in your area and ensure you get notified once we have an update.



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