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Coaxial cable replacement

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Right now I have coaxial cable running from the Rogers box on the side of the house to my living room (digital cable pvr), an upstairs office (modem) and the basement (not in use). I want to get rid of the run from the basement, and move the run from the upstairs office to the living room so I would have two there. While I was at it, I was going to replace the coaxial cable that Rogers installed in 2002 with new coax (Belden 1694a).

My question: is this something I have to get Rogers to do, or can I hire an electrician to do it?


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Re: Coaxial cable replacement

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@ldewit0 if you have to fish cables through any walls or ceilings, you will need an electrician.  Rogers techs will run cables, but that usually means along baseboards or thru external walls after an external run.  If you're looking to avoid that type of situation, then an electrician is the best bet.  You might be able to find a structured wiring contractor willing to take on a small project. 


Fwiw, consider keeping any existing runs, even though you might not see an immediate need for it.  Never know if and when it will come back into the picture when you want to do something in an area of the home that has an unused cable run.  


If you're going to run cable, consider running two RG-6 and 2 Cat-6 cables if you don't happen to have ethernet runs to the locations that you have in mind.  That might be tricky if you have to fish cables, in which case consider at least one RG-6 and one Cat-6 cable. 

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