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2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I'm a trusted contributor

I can see all sorts of 'how-to's' on how to access your account and add 2-step verification to it, but I cannot figure out how to do this on the Rogers version of Yahoo Mail.


Given Yahoo's propensity for being hacked, this is an important added security feature, but as far as I can tell, you cannot implement it on Rogers? Please tell me I'm wrong and advise how to set it up for my Rogers Yahoo mail account.






Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

Hello RogersCorey,


Does Rogers still support a Verification Code as a security tool? 

A couple of days ago, I couldn't log-in my Rogers-Yahoo webmail (entered the wrong password for a several times on my desktop computer and was blocked).  There was a message on the display to type a recovery phone number to be able to receive a "Verification Code".

I entered it and received on my cell the verification code which had to be entered in the box on the screen.  I followed the instruction and got an access to my e-mails.  But there's one thing that absolutely confuses me now after my communication with the Rogers employee yesterday.

I had to request a help as far my father got into the same situation with his webmail - he entered the wrong password and was blocked.  He received a verification code to be entered, but it didn't work.  So, I called Rogers and explained the professional what happened.  She was very patient and very professional and restored his access, but she said that it were hackers who sent the Verification Code.

She stated that, I quote: "Rogers never sends any verification codes to recover your access to your webmail.  If you received such an "offer", it means that your webmail account was hacked and the request to enter the Verification code came from hackers". End of a quote.
How to understand it, please?  Is there such a mechanism like a Verification code or not?


Thank you.



Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

Hello, @helen_v


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


We appreciate you posting your concern in the Community. I have looked into this and it looks like we do not send 2 Factor Authentication codes via SMS/Email when attempting to reset your password.


If you are unable to reset the password via then you would need to contact Technical Support to have your password reset remotely.


I hope this helps!



Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I plan to stick around

I imagine that Rogers will say that "the security of our customers is our #1 concern". But this is clearly a wishy washy platitude as Rogers email accounts still have no 2 FA. In this day and age, this is not acceptable. When will basic security ie 2 FA be part of Rogers email?

Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

This link doesn't send me to the 2 factor set-up?  I also can't find it anywhere on the rogers/yahoo website.  Where is it and why is it so hard to find?


Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

Per posts 21, 23 of this thread, it's not available on Rogers/Yahoo.

Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I've been around

I use Rogers email on my desktop and on my phone- mainly on my desktop. If someone gets access to my email address and my password, does that mean, since there is no 2 Step Verification, that there is nothing else protecting me from having my account hacked? Really? 

Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

Hello @AnnPQ! Welcome to our Community!


To access any of your Rogers Yahoo email settings you would navigate to


From there you can set up App passwords & check your Account Activity. Current security settings available can be found there.


We recommend that everyone set up separate app passwords and refrain from re-using passwords from other sites or services.




Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I'm a reliable contributor
Yeah, I was looking for that as well. My account has been accessed. I've changed password but want to make it even more secure. Very bad that in this day and age you don't offer that.

Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I plan to stick around

Rogers considering how much you charge for your services, please get with the times and implement 2 factor authentication on your yahoo mail accounts ASAP. There is no excuse except that your company is negligent in providing modern safe security for its user base. We are all at risk because Roger's upper IT management is incompetent. How long until there is a major breach putting all of us and your cash cow at risk? Unacceptable!

Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I plan to stick around

Giving this an up.  Can't believe this is so difficult to implement.

Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I've been around

I know this has been discussed before but wanted to get an update.  Does Rogers ever plan on enabling two-factor authentication for email accounts on Yahoo?  Two-factor authentication is available for regular Yahoo email accounts but not those using the domain.  It would seem to me that this leaves email accounts less secure.  Any update?

Re: 2-Step Verification on Rogers Yahoo Mail

I've been around

We are now in 2022 ... are we getting 2FA for our Rogers email?

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