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We can't record series from Global channel 3

I've been here awhile

I went to the Guide, Channel 3 Global / next Tuesday / 8pm / to record series = 9-1-1- and NCIS Hawaii
Went to the record  Options= / All Episodes / New Episodes Only / Channel= GLOB Only (the rest of menu I left as is) / Confirm / YOUR recoding is set.

When I went back to the guide for those programs neither have the red dots indicating they are scheduled to be recorded all the other series from other channels have been tagged with the red dots.
I went back to check all the recordings settings again in case, everything is as it should be, but it not showing on the guide or on my scheduled recordings page.

We just got Ignite today and we find it very frustrating:
- Very slow
- the guide very hard to read the white text over black background

- there are no longer any indications when an episode is NEW like the old system

- one program records twice in the same day,  same channel, same episode : Colombo on Vision Thursdays, even though I programmed from the guide at 8pm slot but it would record both at 12(')am and 8pm. I had cancel it, that would 2 hrs of excess recording on our space; I had to enter it in my personal mail calendar. How ridiculous is that? at the cost we are going to be paying every month, it is ridiculous technology!

This NOT progress folks at ROGERS, Ignite is much worse, much slower than the older cable system.



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Re: We can't record series from Global channel 3

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I'm having a similar issue.  I have Formula 1 Racing set as a series and it should record every episode.  When I look at next Sunday around 1AM, there is no red dot and there is nothing in the scheduled recording list on my STB/TV.  I tried to set the recording on the STB/TV and nothing happened.


I went into IgniteTV in the browser and tried to set the recording there since it wasn't in the list there either.  It took forever to "take" and eventually I exited the screen after more than 5 minutes.  When I looked at the list of scheduled recordings in the browser, it appeared there, but didn't appear on the STB/TV, like it should.


Perhaps things will straighten out in the morning. It is after all a week out, but that didn't appear to be the case with the OP.

Re: We can't record series from Global channel 3

I've been here awhile

Thank you 57. No one told us about Ignite TV browser. We just tried it and we got "1" program to work but not the other on Global.
Also noticed that in recording options "Channels" names are different on the  browser and the TV.  Browser name for Global is "3 CIIIDT Only" and on the TV settings it is "GLOB Only".
How hard is it to program computer software - which all this is - to work properly, Ignite has been around a long time certainly long enough to fix glitches, but I'm not a techie so...
Also, a lot of cable subscribers are not savvy with new technology, all our lives we've had to constantly learn and adapt to things that did not exist in our youth, like computers, we made the switch from paper/typewriters to MS-DOS and orange plain text on black monitors, on and on. It changes so fast, hard to keep up and not much in terms of real "How to" instructions  😉
Anyway, it is frustrating when paying so much for glitches which were not there on old cable system.
If we can stand this for a while, we'll see; other option is go for web entertainment channels like all the under-40year old do.

Re: We can't record series from Global channel 3

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

F1 racing (next weekend on various TSN channels) is still a mess for me.  Here is a summary.


1. The Sunday race at 1AM is now showing as a single recording (single red dot) in the guide on my Browse/IgniteTV and my STB/TV

2. The Friday Practice around 1:45AM (which is the same recording series) is showing a series recording properly.

3. I have set a single recording for Sunday at 8AM in case the 1AM airing doesn't record.


Re: We can't record series from Global channel 3

I've been here awhile

57, I hope someone can help you.
There's one other recording I had to put in my personal email calendar since it wants to record twice in the same day, the same episode, same channel, but different times. I can't see anyway to separate them to record the series. It's 2 hrs long x 2 taking a lot of space, so I will have to manually record each week with a reminder.

Glitches like this defeats the purpose of Rogers'claim of Ignite "whole new world of entertainment".

I wish you luck with your recordings.

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