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TV Tiers and Channels

I've been around

I'm really confused about the different TV package tiers and their respective lineups . I have an offer for the Premier ignite tv package however the number of channels checked off is no where close to the number of channels "offered" and the number of flex channels "offered" is also more than the number of total flex channels I could find. 


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Re: TV Tiers and Channels

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Start your browser fresh.  Go to the Rogers home page.  Click Shop - TV & Streaming - Get IgniteTV - Fill in your address in the Pop-up - Click Check Address - Click the "Channels" tab per the screenshot below.


You will then be presented with a table that has hundreds of channels on it.  


- The channels with a check mark are included with the package.

- The channels that say Flex Included, are the Flex channels that you get initially.

- The channels that say Flex Channel are the ones you can get by choosing them, by deleting from the Flex Channels you don't want from the "included" list. For each Flex channel you want, you need to delete one Flex channel that you currently have.  You do this swapping after you have migrated to IgniteTV.  There are 86 Flex channels in total. There are usually enough Flex channels you don't want, to swap for the Flex channels that you do want.  There are over 100 channels included initially in total.


It doesn't really matter how many channels you get, what matters is:  are the channels you want included and how much do you need to pay for any channels that are not included, such as the Prime Time channels ($3), etc.




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