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Flex Channel Error Message

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi there,


We recently switched to a new tv package, and we were attempting to exchange our flex channels for the first time and keep receiving the following error message, and none of our changes will save:


"When you swap out or remove all your 4K channels we’ll automatically remove your {{enablerName}} subscription as well. Please contact us. We can help you out with it."


We talked to support and they indicated that it was because our new service wasn't completely set up yet, but it's now been two days and we still can't select our channels. Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks so much


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Re: Flex Channel Error Message

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@stagerseeney  That is true.  It can sometimes take a few days for provisioning changes to trickle through to all of the back-end systems.


One thing that you can also try doing is to perform a System Refresh: Press the "A" button on your Ignite voice remote to access the Help screen, scroll right and select "System Refresh".  This will initiate a process to get your account in sync on the back-end systems and then get your set-top boxes in sync with your account.  It may not fix this particular issue but it's worth trying.

Re: Flex Channel Error Message

I've Been Here Awhile

Thank you! I'll definitely give this a try 🙂

Re: Flex Channel Error Message

I've Been Around

I am trying to change my flex channels but get a message that I have a "pending work order". No idea what that would be and can't get through on the chat or phone to get it fixed. Is there some other way to get this resolved? 


Re: Flex Channel Error Message

Hi @djm55

Thank you for posting and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 


Sorry to hear you are having trouble exchanging your Flex Channels. It is such a great feature to be able swap out channels. 

You can make unlimited exchanges within the first 30 days of installing your Ignite TV services or changing to a different Ignite TV channel package. After that, you can make unlimited exchanges once every 30 days.


Have you recently exchanged any Flex Channels within the past 30 days? 
If not and this pending order is for something else, it generally will close after 24 hours and you can try again. 


If you are still having issues, we can take a further look into your account. Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.

Re: Flex Channel Error Message

I switched from wired cable to Ignite Premier last week.  It took two calls to sort out the final theme add-ons finally completed yesterday Monday mid-day.  Today Tuesday I try to swap channels and receive fllng message:

Sorry, there's a problem.

Looks like there's a pending work order on your account! Please contact us for more help.

I thought all my changes were processed real-time yesterday.  Do I have to wait for my billing cycle to turn over ? 


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