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Flex 20 + Sports package

I Plan to Stick Around

We are getting the Flex 20+ Sports package on Monday.  It says there are 66 channels included with 28 Flex channels.  There are more than 66 channels when I click "included channels", and  a whole bunch when I click "flex channels".  Can someone explain to me, simply, what channels I will get?  I am confused.  🙂  First time with Flex channels.


Re: Flex 20 + Sports package

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@slb260  Things make a bit more sense when you go to and then click on the "Channels" tab.


Under the "Rogers Ignite Flex 20 + Sports Bundle" column, channels with a a check mark are included in the bundle.


You will also see channels marked "Flex Channel" or "Flex Channel Included".  Out of all of those, you can pick 28.  The "Flex Channel Included" channels are the default Flex Channels that Rogers pre-selects.  You can exchange any of those for a "Flex Channel" channel.


You can exchange as many Flex Channels as you want every 30 days.  Once you swap channels, you need to wait 30 days before you can process another exchange.


Also, when you first sign up for Ignite TV, I believe that you can still exchange Flex Channels an unlimited number of times during the first 30 days.  After that, you need to wait 30 days before you can exchange channels again.


Also be sure to check out Free Previews.

Re: Flex 20 + Sports package

I Plan to Stick Around

1) Yes, you're right about the channel numbers being off.  My guess is they didn't include the following in their total bc they're not network channels (and is why the count is off):

Aquarium Channel
Fireplace Channel
"Rogers Relaxation"
Real Estate Channel
Today's Shopping Choice


2) The total channels (66 in your case) INCLUDES the Preselected 28 Flex channels along with the "base channels" (it turns out even the "28" is off too when you add in TSN3-5, Sportsnet Series and YTV-West, W-West and CTV Comedy-West) .  In other words, Total Channels = Flex Channels + Base Channels 


3) The Available Flex channels, totalling 95 in my last count, are the ones you can substitute into your Flex channels (as correctly described above in this post). 


4) The web page for Ignite bundles is misleading in that when you click on "See flex channels" (under Ignite Flex 20 + Sports heading), it doesn't explicitly say these are the available ones.  Instead, to see the Preselected flex channels, click on "See all channels", then filter on right side for "Flex Channels" which will show all 28 of them.  


5) Are TSN3-5 "preselected flex channels" in the Ignite Flex 20+Sports bundle in Toronto?  I see that TSN 1 and 2 are indeed but unsure of TSN3-5.  Perhaps it depends on location?  


Here's what I get when I searched under Ignite Channels.  It doesn't mention if they're Flex or not:



This is not fun at all.  So confusing and time-consuming trying to figure it out when trying to make printable channel guides.  

Darryl G
Founder Printable TVCG
Feel free to message me in this community if you have any Rogers TV channel lineup questions

Re: Flex 20 + Sports package

I've Been Around

Hi, we are having the same issue. We thought for instance that CNN was just included in the 66, this is disappointing

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