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Home Phone Call Block

I plan to stick around

How do I know whether or not I have call blocking capabilities only Ignite home phone and is it extra to add?

Thank you


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Re: Home Phone Call Block

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Resident Expert

@gordow : Here are my comments.


1. Most new cordless (and other) home phones have a built in call block feature. Check yours to see.  You need to have call display, but I believe that's included with home phone, but you need it on your phone(s)

2. Rogers Home Phone manager may be free for you to use, however, I have tried to get it to work and gave up because the functionality is so poor.  You access it using MyRogers, then Home Phone:  See links below:


3. Call blocking is pretty useless these days.  Spammers/scammers change their phone numbers all the time so adding them to the call block feature is usually futile since the next time they call it'll be from a different number.


4. Luckily, Rogers marks many spammers and fraudsters with "Likely Spam" or "Likely Fraud" on call display.


5.  I have given all the people in my call directory a distinctive ring, so if I don't hear that from my phones, I'm fairly sure the incoming call is not something I want to take.  This is a feature of my Panasonic Cordless phone set.

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