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New to the community.

Hello Everyone,

 Do we have the freedom of speech? What is the general experience with customer service and how do you address concerns? 

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Re: New to the community.

Community Guidelines:
Terms of Use:


These two documents outlay what we can and can not do on these forums.
Feel free to voice your complaints, concerns, etc, as long as they follow the forum guidelines.

THey are a private forum,so in the end, can be moderated however they see fit.



Everyone has a different CS epxerience, and can varry from call to call.


make sure every call to get the reps name and the transaction number of the call.
If you have an issue, ask to speak to a manager, and make sure to get the same info from them.

if it can not still be resolved, you then can take this and through the website, escalate it to the office of the president.

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Re: New to the community.

Yes I’m really good with customers service and solving and helping people and have a friendly manner helping them