Captu security screen on my Rogers screen

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Captu security screen on my Rogers screen

I don't have a problem but when a captain request screen pops up for the first time with no announcement of its introduction I am wondering if I am being scammed.

Will Rogers ever learn to preannounce changes to critical apps.

Plus I use Firefox from my Rogers app on Android and it did not accept the browser as compatability. Clicked on capture protection icon and went on to log on screen.

Also note myroger app still has loop sign in issue if you forget to sign out and just do a close app from home screens.

To get it working uninstall and reinstall or
go to settings apps my Rogers open settings clear data.

Are we playing a bit too much on interface beta and security at the same time and once again we are involuntary beta testers. Yes we all hear that you test extensively internally but the true test before going live is true beta test with active direction and communication 2 ways between team and beta user testers.


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Re: Captu security screen on my Rogers screen

Hey @BS,

Thank you for the feedback and providing a solution to the Community. As always, we appreciate your input!


RogersCilio 🙂