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I have a problem with this button. Whenever someone clicks it, that post is accepted as THE solution and even if it's not really a solution, or an alternative one comes along, or a better one, it can no longer be accepted because someone accepted something else. I would suggest this be changed so new solutions can be accepted and each post so marked should say there are also other solutions.

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I agree with you @OLDYELLR  I went to look at the solution on the discussion thread around the like issue, and it has come in various forms, and the solution of the time was to use Firefox - now you ran into Firefox not working, @57 provided an alternative solution of try various browsers, which was also a valid solution.


Mine went deeper and dealt with the reality of changes in security that is on Firefox and Chrome has the same through the recommendation of the use of Ghostery as the best recommended add-on for controlling cookies, and on the Ghostery site is also a discussion of how controlling some cookies may impact the functionality or performance of some sites, and that the add-on provides more granularity in making the best choice on any browser to the new move to control of site cookies  - consider if you were to exclude the Qualtrics site analytic cookie while on another site that uses it.  If you select all sites, it would lose the like ability on the forum, and with Ghostery running, you could turn it back on just for this site.


It is a simple add-on to use, and once done once, it is fixed and not removed by deleting cookies.  There are tools out there now from DAAC that also keep your choices fixed even if you reinstall or delete cookies, but most are browser specific.  If you choose to use an account with Ghostery, do read their own privacy policy, you can set it up to apply across browsers and devices such as your smart phones and tablets too.


So there are various solutions that have been provided, each making sense depending upon the point in time.


This is the ongoing flaw with the current model of accept as a solution, and then forcing us to keep putting a variation to the problem that the solution does not address into the same thread - it is not possible to find the next solution.  I wonder like you, if the system could be set up to have multiple solutions chosen - If I could edit my post, I would write, new solution to the like problem based upon changes in Firefox and privacy tools due to EUU security changes, and  

EU GDPR Compliance 


Get to know that standard and watch for companies that are not in compliance and report it to the company and let others know.  It is proving to be the foundation of where all countries are going, and whether they do or not, because everything on the Internet will touch the EU, every company and the world has to address these standards in their design.


Maybe that is the new thread with my comment that you view as a solution. This is not a browser issue, it is a movement into compliance of browser functionality and site functionality to the new rules.



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What you're referring to in Community term is 'Allow Multiple Accepted Solutions'.  It's a simple feature we can turn on.


Let me look into this 🙂