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What's up with rogers losing all it's perks?

I'm here a lot

Lately rogers seems to be losing a lot of small perks that long time customers enjoy. NHL gamecentre is gone from promotions, Shomi is being shut down, points system done? Has anyone heard of anything new being added to the rogers system? Bit disappointing.


Re: What's up with rogers losing all it's perks?

I'm a senior advisor

Not as of late, I haven't heard anything, if anything, I have seen cancellation fees creeping up along with fee increases, and the same removal of add on services. The other unknown is what is happening to Rogers One Number, as it is still operating, or should I say limping along on outdated technology, and any new subscriptions have been frozen to supporting only those who had subscriptions back a few months ago.


So, in general, you are right, not much moving around, some pricing and packaging changes, but nothing of great significance. Current pushes remain 4K, share anything and new release smart phones, Gigabit Internet, and talks of future IPTV offerings being available with the rollout by December end of 2016 of optic fibre to the whole footprint - that is not to the door though, over the existing coax generally. The changes in roam anywhere, customer management tools for share anything data on wireless, are also listed as important offerings within the current 3rd quarter report.


Cable subscribers continue to bleed, but at a slower rate, wireless is up, and so is Internet with most people at 100 and above, but keep in mind there were deep discounts by all customers on Internet as of late and the bundling.  But if you are like me, sitting on contracts that are already generous, none of that matters to me. I am going to miss Shomi because I used it to catch up historical series I enjoy that may not be on Netflix.


The only other thing was the Netflix deal, but not much has come of that one so far, but it does prepare them for IPTV when it comes.


As a two person, small wireless and Internet using housing, most of what is going on in their offers are generally irrelevant to us anyway.  We don't use data on phones, never reach anywhere near our phone times, and if they had a higher speed for Internet 5, we could easily live on 25g, but the speed is only 5mps and you.


They are going to have to start thinking about value added for the low end users like myself, or we will be on our way elsewhere.  It doesn't matter how much they reduce the higher end stuff, if we never use it, it is not worth it and is not value for the money for us.



I don't see any of the other companies offering much, but Bell is pushing fibre to the home real fast in major urban areas, in particular to multi unit dwellings.


But you are right, a quick look at bundles, and offerings, there is not much on the Internet alone side of things, some things like spotify, roam like home, texture and centre ice on wireless plans, home phones, not to mention there, except lower rates in bundles, but even that has gone up compared to my current bundled product.


TV is almost impossible to figure out with the changes in channel packages and pricing, and the reality that pick and pay is expected fully out at end of the year.


As for home monitoring, it all appears the same.


So yes, there really is not much going on, except for that one deal for new Internet customers on the 100 GB package.


Most of this information, I drew from financial reports and news articles from technical publications, or general media that covers business changes.


But good question and observation.



Re: What's up with rogers losing all it's perks?

I'm an advisor

I use Rogers OneNumber - I have an IP phone on my desk and I leverage the service to make calls from it. 


Shame that new activations are no longer being accepted - great service! Bring new activations back, Rogers!

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