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Transferring to Forums from MyRogers PROBLEM, (plus one more)

I'm a senior contributor

There is a problem if I am logged into myRogers looking at "my services", and decide to transfer to the community forums while still logged in.


When I get to the forums,,, ie: here... the top right does not show my user name as is normal.  Instead it just shows the "signin/register" indicator.  If I click on that, it appears to go back to the main myRogers briefly... realize that I am already logged in... and comes back to the forum with no change.


The result is that I cannot access my private messages in the forums, if I log in that way.


I have to go BACK to myRogers... Log out, THEN click on community forums while logged OUT.  When that gets me back to the forums, the signin/register button now works and I get to sign in.  But this time, I stay in the forums, and the top right shows my username and I can access my profile/messages.



Here I am typing a message in "community lounge".   The top line shows my navigation:

"Rogers Community Forums / Lounge / Community Lounge / New Message"

If I were to click on "lounge"  (a sub-forum of "Rogers community forums")... I will get a list of all the sub-forums under "lounge".  But if I click on the TOP level ("Rogers Community Forums")... I do NOT get a list.  There is no way to know what sub-forums exist.    Yes, I can do a search on something, then pick a message and that will put me in some sub forum, then try to navigate back from there... but it would be a lot cleaner if I knew from the start what sub-forums exist.  


Re: Transferring to Forums from MyRogers PROBLEM, (plus one more)

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

There are several previous threads regarding the problems signing in and navigating the forums (see link below on Community Questions/Suggestions).  I have always treated MyRogers and the forums as two separate websites.  I log out of one before logging into the other. This usually precludes many issues.


If I've been on the forum recently and login to MyRogers, sometimes when I click on a link in MyRogers I'm taken to a page in the forum instead of the appropriate MyRogers page - for example "Internet Usage". When this happens I click the back button and try again.  This usually works.


There are several parts of the forum which do not show unless you're logged in...


Here's a sample thread showing the various issues which go back years. I'm happy when I can actually login to the forum because there have been several issues in recent years that prevented even logging in for some people...

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