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Looking for help with a song

I'm a frequent visitor

I hope somebody can help me out.  On Rogers channel 001, they have an ad for HBO Canada, which includes a song playing over it.  I can't figure out who it is and it's driving me nuts.  The voice sounds familiar, but I can figure out who it is.  I've Googled the lyrics, which repeatedly mention komodo dragons, with no luck.  Please help me hold on to my sanity.


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Re: Looking for help with a song

I'm a frequent visitor

Somebody posted the link to HBO at the start of the topic.  It worked, they got back to me already.


The Song is called "The Link Between Us" by Jerome Benoit and Adrien Francoise.  It's on two different websites that are music licensing companies that deal with all forms of media.  You can download it if you're a member, so I'm waiting for my application to go through.  Yes, I'm completely insane when it comes to music.


Should you want to hear the song, you can stream it on this site.


Thanks again for all of the suggestions.Robot Very Happy

Re: Looking for help with a song

Insanity for things you love is just passion under a negative spotlight.
If people don't understand passion, I'm fine with being called insane.
So I hear ya, glad to hear you got it finally! Woot! I'll listen to it on my free time. 🙂
Thanks for linking the song! 😄

Re: Looking for help with a song



Congrats on finding it. Thanks for the link to that site.

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