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If you aren’t satisfied with your Rogers device or accessory, you can return* (or exchange)**, provided you meet the following return criteria: 

  • Return period: 
    • In-store purchase at a Retail store - Within 15 days from purchase date. 
    • Purchases made online and over the phone - Within 30 days of shipment of the device. 
    • Purchases ordered with Express Pickup - Within 30 days of receiving the device. 
  • Return Condition
    • The product is in its original condition with all accessories.  
    • Must not have any physical or moisture damage. 
    • Device passwords and locks are removed. 

*Customers with special needs can view our Exchange and Returns Policy on theAccessibility Services page. 

**Headphones/headsets/earpieces and used SIM cards are not refundable. 


Confirming return or exchange eligibility 


If you ordered online or over the phone: 

  • Call 1 877 224-9832to validate your return/exchange eligibility. 
  • Ensure the product meets the return criteria stated above. 
  • If eligible, ship the product back to us within 10 days of contacting us. 


If you ordered with Express Pickup: 

  • Return or exchange must be done at the same Rogers store where the device was picked up. 
  • Ensure the product meets the return criteria stated above. 

If you purchased in-store: 

  • Return or exchange must be done at the same store of purchase. 
  • Ensure the product meets the return criteria stated above. 
  • Be sure to bring your original receipt and documentation. 


Shipping your product back to us 


  1. Make sure you’ve done a master reset on the device and removed any device-specific locks using these helpful links: 
  2. Place the device and any included accessories and manuals into the original or comparable box, including bubble wrap or newspaper to protect the contents. 
  3. If the shipping label is not included in the box, please contact us to request one. 
  4. Record the tracking number from the Return shipping label. You can track your package at 
  5. Drop off the package at the nearest Purolator depot or dropbox. Visit for locations nearest you or call Purolator at 1 888 SHIP-123 (1 888 744-7123). 

After you’ve shipped your item back to us 


If your return or exchange was successful, it will be processed and your account charges adjusted within 4 weeks of the device being received by Rogers. 


If your return or exchange was not successful, the device or accessory will be returned to you, and account adjustments will not be applied. 

Note: This could happen if the device or accessory you returned. 

  • Is damaged 
  • Is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Has a hardware lock that Rogers could not remove 


In these cases, you will be charged applicable device charges (plus applicable taxes), and the device or accessory you sent us will be returned to you. 


Exchanging a defective device 


Follow these instructions to exchange a defective device. 

  • Ensure the device meets the return criteria stated above. 
  • Call 1 855 381-7835 to speak with a Technical Support rep. 


Note: If you’re past the exchange period, you will require additional support. Contact us to discuss your options. 


Have you visited our new self-serve hub at Find all the information needed to manage your account and services online, 24/7, including troubleshooting tips, answers to most frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and more!  

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I’m a new Rogers customer as of July 21st. The only reason I ordered wireless home phone is because I could not port my old number to Ignite home phone. The call quality being unacceptably noisy on the receiver’s end no matter who I called although my adapter was placed near a window and showing a strong signal forced me to cancel wireless home phone and order Ignite home phone instead. I was expecting a new Ignite phone adapter within a few days but it still hasn’t been shipped to me to this day, August 6th.

I contacted a Rogers agent to chat with and was told that my Ignite phone adapter would not ship to me until my wireless phone adapter would be returned. Of course I’ve already been billed for the first month of wireless phone service and when I asked about charge cancellation I was told that this would take place once the wireless phone adapter would be sent back. I just read that charge cancellations can take up tp 4 weeks and my first bill is due August 10th. if I remember correctly. I have no intentions on paying this first bill since as far as I’m concerned the 4 week Rogers delay in fee cancellation shouldn’t be my problem especially when I reported the unsatisfactory wireless phone service. I find that Rogers could improve on their policies and aim higher at new customer satisfaction! Can someone shed some light on this and help me out?


Hello @canacura!


First off, thank you for taking a chance on Rogers, we truly appreciate your business! 🙂


I am disappointed to hear that the onboarding of your wireless home phone service didn't go as well as planned but I am glad to hear that we are moving you over to our Ignite Home Phone for a much better experience. Once hooked up, I'm sure things will be much smoother for you. 


In reference to your billing concerns, I would recommend reaching out once the return of the wireless home phone unit has been processed to ensure that you are credited partially for the wireless home phone services. It is true that it may take some time for the partial adjustments to go through and they would appear on the bill that follows. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to process the adjustments in advance since it is automatically done through the system once the return is compete. 


If you decide to deduct the cost for the wireless home phone charges from your invoice when making your payment, you may receive a system generated late payment fee for the missing portion on the next invoice that arrives. We always recommend paying your balance in full and then waiting for any expected credits to appear on your future invoices to avoid a late payment fee being applied in advertently. It just saves you the headache of having to call in and dispute any late payment charges.


I hope this helps answer your concerns!



I plan to stick around

I signed up for a 2 year contract with rogers after 15years with them with a new phone, first time I used a rogers phone and contract and when my s20 ultras phone won't zoom they want me to send in and wait for it with no loaner phone. This is not what I signed up for and after many times asking for a supervisor I was brushed off. I am now leaving rogers for good and my kids on my plan as well. They won't honor my contract which states I have device protection for one year. The supervisor is too busy to call me and I'm tired of the run around. Don't trust rogers as they are scamers and will not honor contract. I am done for good. See ya rogers it's been great until I signed up for contract that ypu will not honour



Hello, @Bosshoss46.


Thank you for sharing your device troubles, and welcome to Rogers Community Forums!


Based on your comments, it seems you are talking about the manufacturer's one-year warranty. Have you reached out to the manufacturer to see if they can repair your phone while you wait?  You can call or chat with support at to have your device fixed. 




I like it here

I upgraded your Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra to a Samsung galaxy S22 ultra I was told because I'm upgrading I return the other phone in perfect condition I won't be charged for the amount of the phone today they are charging me 1300 dollars for a device I returned and they now have I was told I was not being charged why am I being charged 1300 for a phone I no longer have all the details were on the form they sent me with return information says if phone is damaged I would be charged but it is not damaged I was told they would readjust the bill and it won't be that much 


Greetings @Jennywenny !


A warm welcome to our community forums! I hope this message finds you well. 🙂 I just have some questions to better understand your situation, if you don't mind:


- Was this return done as part of the Upfront Edge program? If so, was the return completed at one of our participating retail locations, online via self-serve, or with one of our Care agents by phone/Live Chat/Social Media? 

- When did your 2 year term expire and when did you complete your upgrade to the new device?


Please note, it can take up to 4 weeks for us to receive/process the return. If the Upfront Edge amount is inadvertently charged, it will be reversed once the return gets processed as long as it meets all of the program requirements.


The Upfront Edge amount will not be charged as long as it is returned in good working condition, as defined by the Terms and Conditions at the time of Upfront Edge enrollment. These device conditions include:


  • Must power up to the home screen
  • Must accept a charge
  • Have the ability to perform a factory reset
  • The screen must function and cannot have any dark spots, blemishes or broken and/or cracked glass.
  • All accounts and passwords must be removed and/or turned off (i.e. Find My iPhone, Google, Find My Mobile, and firmware passwords)


We look forward to your response!



I'm a frequent visitor

Be careful using upfront edge, Rogers sends you offers months before your agreement is due. So when you think it’s good offer you want to take advantage of it then upgrade, early thinking if you return device and renew with Rogers,you will not be charged for the old device and the old service.NO, you will get a BIG Whammy,on your next bill. Rogers charges you for the remaining month of your agreement even though you have upgraded. It is luring you and misguiding you to spend hard earned money to pay Rogers, even though you’re not using the old service anymore. I just spent almost 2 hours trying to make me or them understand the righteousness of this. And to pacify, they offered $3.00 off to my wireless bill that they stated CRTC implemented the $3.00 from January 2023. Then you feel grateful for the $3.00 that for a senior citizen , I can buy half a dozen eggs wit.