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If you have several Rogers accounts, you can link them to your MyRogers profile using the same username and password so you can view all your services in one place.

Learn how to link or unlink an account below.

How to Link an account

Online Steps:

  1. Sign into MyRogers.
  2. Select Profile & Settings.
  3. In the Account Settings section, select Link another account.
  4. Select the type of account you wish to add:
  • For Wireless or cable services, you'll need to enter the 9- or 12-digit account number and postal code associated with the account.
  • You can find your account number on your bill, in the email notification letting you know your online bill is ready, or in your service agreement.
  • For a Pay As You Go account, you'll need to enter your phone number and 4-digit account PIN.
  1. Select Link Account.

How to Unlink an Account

First, keep in mind: Once you unlink an account you’ll no longer be able to view or manage that account in your MyRogers profile.

Online Steps:

  1. Sign into MyRogers.
  2. Select Profile & Settings.
  3. In the Account Settings section, select Unlink this account.
  • If you have several accounts, please select the account you wish to unlink from the account tab and then select Unlink this account
  1. Select Unlink this Account. An account unlink confirmation will appear. To confirm, select Unlink this account.

FYI you cannot permanently delete a MyRogers profile.

How to Merge Multiple MyRogers Profiles


If you have several accounts that are linked to different MyRogers profiles, you can link all your accounts to one MyRogers profile to view and manage all your services in one place.

  1. Unlink an account from the MyRogers Profile you don’t want to use anymore.

    a. Follow the steps as detailed in Unlink an Account section.
    b. Please ensure you have noted the account number/postal code before unlinking it from the MyRogers Profile.

  2. After successfully unlinking the account from the profile you no longer want to use, log-in with the username and password associated with the MyRogers profile you want to use ongoing.

    a. Follow the steps as detailed in the Link an Account section
    b. You should see the newly added account appear as an option to select in the account drop-down menu, in the navigation menu, and as a tab on the profile page

Have you checked out our new self-serve hub at Find all the information needed to manage your account and services online, 24/7, including troubleshooting tips, answers to most frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and more.

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