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Thank you! AAE: Pay Per Views Event Closed

Hi Community,   Thank you for participating in today's event!  The event is now closed.  We hope you enjoyed it.   The board will be locked and later moved to the Archives with all of the past Ask an Expert events, for your reference.  Feel free to c...

PPV saving time limit

Hey @RogersShamere Quick question. Is Rogers going to be able to give it's customers a bit more time on buying a PPV movie or show?. Instead of 24-or 48hrs of saving time, some have asked for more then that as they have home family coming buy and wan...

Meowmix by I'm a trusted advisor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Viewing PPV Content on Multiple Platforms

Hello, Is Rogers considering letting customers order an event using a cable box, then viewing on another device (example: computer)? This could be accomplished via Rogers anyplace TV.    This would be useful for longer events - especially in larger h...

robindp by I'm an advisor
  • 4 replies

PPV Priority in searches?

Not sure if its something you would know or not..But there have been a number of users, who have noticed when they do searches on the cable boxes, that it appears if there are multiple results, that PPV results seem to show up first before some other...

Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 1 replies

PPV pricing

Hey guys!Once again this was brought up in a conversation. So here it isIs Rogers going to give some sort of perks or A discount on PPV with long time customers? I would see this as a good thing as it gives long time customers a discount on a PPV of ...

Meowmix by I'm a trusted advisor
  • 2 replies

Billing for PPV

Hey guy! My family and i were talking about this a couple days ago so I wanted to ask!So the question is that is there a way to have A PPV billed straight to your CC or Debit Visa?. I know its tide to your cable account but some like having being bil...

Meowmix by I'm a trusted advisor
  • 1 replies

Pay Per View Feedback Thread

Hello Community!   Please post all your feedback on the Pay Per View event here!   What other content would you like to see? Will I ever be able to just order a specific movie/event as a PPV instead of subscribing to a channel? How comfortable are yo...

Rogers Community Forums Pay Per View Contest 2016

  CONTEST RULES (the “Official Rules”)   Rogers Community Forums Pay Per View Contest 2016 (the “Contest”) Entry Period & Contest Sponsors.   The Contest is brought to you by the following entities (collectively or individually, the “Contest S...

GUIDELINES - Ask an Expert: Pay Per View

Here are some guidelines to keep the event running smoothly.  As always, our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use apply.   1. Start a new thread for each question.  This way, we don't have to worry about questions getting hidden in conversation or m...