PPV Priority in searches?

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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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PPV Priority in searches?

Not sure if its something you would know or not..

But there have been a number of users, who have noticed when they do searches on the cable boxes, that it appears if there are multiple results, that PPV results seem to show up first before some others like regular channels, etc.

Under the old guide, used to be able to exclude the results for those who don't want them.

(cant under the current)


I for one, dont mind them 🙂
But i know some others do

Product Manager
Product Manager
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Re: PPV Priority in searches?

Great question.


The way that the search engine app is currently set up is that it will bring up results for the searched program starting from the earliest date and time that it appears in the guide. I just did a quick test with UFC and what was on FIGHT network came up first as it was a program between 1-2pm. Now if the replay of UFC 205 was closer to the time of the search, that would have been the first item displayed.


We encourage anyone who are seeing different results during their search to take a screen shot and post it in the forums and someone will definitely look into it further.


Thank you for your question.