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skip driver account

I plan to stick around

My account with Rogers is a Skip account, as I am a Skip driver. I wanted to add a line to get an Apple Watch Ultra. However, customer service informed me that they could only handle phone plans over the phone and online. For a watch plan, I would have to visit a physical store.

After visiting all the stores, I discovered that only the Rogers stores in malls carry the Apple Watch Ultra. However, these mall-based Rogers stores are unable to manage Skip accounts. Only the independent stores outside of malls can handle my Skip account, but these stores do not carry the Apple Watch Ultra. I am unable to find any location that can help me with this issue.

When I contacted the RPP department, they told me that the Skip plan only offers discounts on phones, not watch, which is why any store should be able to handle my request. But this is not the case, as I am unable to find a location that can assist me.



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Re: skip driver account

I plan to stick around

Would you not be able to simply purchase the watch outright and go to the other store to activate it, if you are looking for cellular. 

While I don't have a skip account, I had simply purchased my watch directly from Apple & activated my watch on mobile afterwards. 

Joel Gallant

Re: skip driver account

I plan to stick around

This is my only option. 

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