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Wifi calling problem with Samsung S9+

I've been around

I have almost zero cell reception at my home in Vaughan and wifi calling is a must.

I have Samsung S9+ flashed with Rogers Service SW so it's showing RWC/RWC/XAC.

When phone was booted, it automatically added "Wifi calling" in quick panel


However, I still get the same this phone is not eligible msg.


I popped in my wife's sim card which is in the same Rogers account # and my phone activated wifi calling fine.

What gives?


Is it worth it to go to Rogers location and ask for a new sim card? I read that it worked for someone.



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Re: Wifi calling problem with Samsung S9+


Good day @TorontoDesign,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post! We appreciate you are taking the time to bring this up to our attention.


Thank you for letting us know of the steps you've gone through so far. Changing the SIM card is an option; however, we'd like the opportunity to access your account to take a deeper look into this in order to see if this problem could be caused by something at your account level. 


Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can gain access to your account and get started . For details on our private messaging system, click here.



Re: Wifi calling problem with Samsung S9+

I plan to stick around

Do you have volte enabled on your phone and does she? That might be it since wifi calling needs volte to be enabled for it to work

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