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Sending mms messages without data switched on.

I'm Here A Lot

I had a Sony Xperia  which was able to send and receive picture texts with the data switched off. My G6 needs to have data on to send and receive picture mms. I tried to set up a new apn with my Sony's apn settings but it won't save the settings. 




Re: Sending mms messages without data switched on.


Hello @busalad,


I use the MMS feature often so I can appreciate your inquiry regarding having your data enabled in order to receive them.


I looked into this for you and it seems that all devices require having your Data enabled in order to use MMS. There are no APN settings that will allow this feature to work without enabling Data. I know this is not the answer you were hoping to hear. =(


It is strange that your APN settings will not save. Are you trying to edit the primary APN settings or did you create an entirely new one?


We look forward to your response!




Re: Sending mms messages without data switched on.

I tried created a new apn using the settings from my Xperia but it will not save and show up in my list. Is there a difference between cellular data and internet data? I'm assuming you can mms without a data plan. My wife never has the data switched on with her Sony but is still able to send picture texts.

Re: Sending mms messages without data switched on.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Did you try the APN settings below? It should do the trick!


Rogers MMS Settings:



Username: media

Password: mda01

MMS Gateway Address:


MMS Proxy:


More information can be found, here.



Re: Sending mms messages without data switched on.

You actually NEED Data switched on for MMS to work. Both MMS and Internet require Data to be switched on. Some phones you can switch off internet completely while leaving mms on, other phones you can not, no one really keeps a tracker of which does this, but one thing you can do is if your phone allows to Edit an existing APN (Access Point Network) you can remove the fields from the Internet portion of the APN but keep the MMS server settings intack and it should allow your mms to work while blocking you from using data. You can also ask rogers to see if they allow a special SOC code that blocks the internet APN but still allows the MMS apn to function? some phone companies have just one network level data block while other phone companies have one block for mms and one block for internet. since i don't work for rogers i do not know how their back end systems work, so its best to ask an expert who works for them to find out for sure if this is feasable

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