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SMS not sending when Wi-Fi calling is activated and connected

I've been around

kept noticing recent text messages I thought had sent had not sent then notice this only happened when connected to Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi calling activated... Took me a while to find a fix for this as technical support didn't have one and kept saying it was my router configuration. It ain't.

Here's how to fix it.

1) deactivate Wi-Fi calling from your phone's settings
2) clear the cache of the telephone app
3) restart the phone
4) turn wifi calling back on in phone app settings

After this reboot and reset moment of the Wi-Fi calling settings and phone app SMS suddenly works again.

So yes thank you Rogers..
definitely not my $400 router LOL


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Re: SMS not sending when Wi-Fi calling is activated and connected


Hello, @Matt22345


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thanks so much for posting the problem and solution to the issues you were having when trying to send SMS using Wi-Fi calling. Posts like these help many users resolve similar issues.


We hope that you will continue to be a part of the community. 🙂



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