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Motorola edge+ 5g (not) ready

I plan to stick around

I was just told by rogers help that my $2200 edge+ marketed as 5g ready is in fact not ready. It needs a firmware update from Motorola that is "months away".
Another ploy by the sales team that the tech team can't supply.
The process I have gone through in upgrading to this phone has been nothing short of a fiasco.




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Re: Motorola edge+ 5g (not) ready


Hello, @satdan


I know how exciting it can be to get a new device especially one that is able to connect to the 5G network.


It must have been very disappointing to hear that you would not be able to connect to 5G until there was an update. I have looked into the specifications for the Motorola Edge+ and it appears to be 5G ready out of the box so it is strange that you were told an update is required.


Can you confirm what area you are in? 5G has not rolled out nationally as of yet be we are expanding quickly starting with major urban cities. Check out our Network Coverage Map to see if your area has been upgraded to 5G.


Your account will also need to be provisioned for 5G in our system. If you are in a 5G supported area and your device still cannot connect to 5G, Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can ensure your account is provisioned properly.


Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, Click Here.




Re: Motorola edge+ 5g (not) ready

I plan to stick around
I was in ajax right in the middle of the new 5g area. According to the person on the phone, I am provisioned for 5g on my account, but that the phone needed firmware upgrade. He confirmed with a "level 2"

Re: Motorola edge+ 5g (not) ready

I'm a reliable contributor
There's a reason that $2000+ phone went on fire sale only a few months after it came out.

Motorola is HORRIBLE for updates. Be prepared to wait a while.

Honestly, I would return it if you still can and get something else.
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