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Galaxy s10 android 12 update has ruined my phone

I've been here awhile

since the android 12 update i'm having so many issues, particularly with texts and voice calls calls are dropping out after about 8 seconds, texts are not coming through quickly and callers report that my number sometimes goes straight to voicemail

battery is also draining incredibly quickly and also the infamous gear vr issues

I have done wipe partition, reset networks, did all the things I could see online, there was a security update this morning which fixed nothing

My sim card is now over four years old, could it be becoming incompatible with the newer protocols newer software uses?

I have the snapdragon s10 by the way

I literally can't call rogers because my phone does not work, as it happens I'm expecting calls from the hospital to book in surgery so this is very stressful knowing they might not be able to call me, can someone from rogers on here help please?

Or if anyone knows any fixes or knows how to factory reset and stop it updating to android 12, thank you



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Re: Galaxy s10 android 12 update has ruined my phone


Good evening @MikeySnowspikes,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can't imagine how inconvenient this must be for you. Have you tried to complete a factory reset? We haven't received any reports about the issues you've described. We'll keep an eye out for further feedback.


Do we have any other users in the Community who have updated to the Android 12 update? Please share you experience. 





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