Galaxy S20 Hardware Upgrade & Edge Financing

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Galaxy S20 Hardware Upgrade & Edge Financing



I currently have a Infinite Share Everything plan, my main phone which is mine is currently on contact till next year and will not be upgrading the line, I pay the Ultra Plus plan on this phone. My wifes phone which is not on any contact is added as an additional line for I believe $75. If we were to upgrade on this phone to the new S20 Ultra I see they now offer Edge Financing. 


How does all this work and will that monthly plan for her go up in price. How come we no longer see the pay so much money when you pick it up and then the balance comes off the tab each month. Is that no longer around?


If anyone can explain all this to me because it seems like its more expensive than ever to get a new phone for those wanting to renew a contract. 


Thanks in advance


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Re: Galaxy S20 Hardware Upgrade & Edge Financing

Greetings @AccordXTC!


If you're interested in finding out all your options for a hardware upgrade, we can help!


Please PM us @CommunityHelps so that we can take a closer look at your account and give you a rundown of the costs you can expect.