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Cannot change system to desired language

I've been around

My samsung S23 only allows the system language to be changed to english, french, chinese or korean.
I would like to change my phone's language to japanese, but the phone does not allow it.

Going to the tree dots menu, selecting "all languages" and changeing to something there yields a "Language may not be available in some apps" notice,
but system elements, and most apps remain unchanged.
Restarting or updating the phone does not help/fix this either

Phone:Galaxy S23 SM-S911W
Android version: 14/OneUI 6 (November security patch)



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Re: Cannot change system to desired language


Hello, @Flaan.


Welcome to our Community, and thank you for your post!


It's odd that your device doesn't change the system language as you intend. 


Let's try the following steps:

  • Once you have selected Japanese, a list of options should appear to choose the region for that language. Select the appropriate region to install the dictionary corresponding to your country or geographical area.
  • A pop-up message should appear asking if you want to keep the current language as the default or if you want the new language to be the default to display the menus and dictionary of the Samsung Galaxy S23.
  • The list of languages installed in the Samsung Galaxy S23 will reappear; in this list, the new language you have added should appear, and if you have marked it as default, it will appear with an activated sign on the right.
  • Once you have marked it as default, specific apps, and system features should be in Japanese.


After trying the above steps, please connect with Samsung Canada Support if the system language is not changing. 




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