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Likewise unlawful service!

I've been around

Service Request Number:******0B

Date of request: March 20,2024


I claim my device protection services witch i enrolled and paying extra of monthly fee of $18.99. I report how my device accidentally lost to the rogers customer service and instructed me to claim my device protection replacement witch is my right and paying the services. I called Likewize and report to them and they told me just wait for 2 days and they will call me or email me. But I never heard about them it is very unprofessional and inconsistent insurance company that the Rogers team insurance company. Last April 03,2024  i called them and i ask about the result they told me it was rejected but they will reconsider it and they will call me again April 05,2024 for the next step. Before the phone call ended the agent told me and requested to give them a good review at the survey. I followed it because I trust that my issue will be resolved already. But today April 5,2024 the day almost ending. There no phone call or email of the  information about the update they told me last April 03,2024 for the replacement of my mobile phone. I called them to ask about it. The agent told me my request still rejected. I request to talk with their supervisor because I want to know why? To give me a valid reason. Because they make me believed  with our last conversation on April 03,2024 that they will reconsider it. The agent told me I cannot talk to the supervisor because not there and they cannot connect to me.   I asked the agent for sure in your record you got explanation. But the agent do not know the reason. This is not acceptible and paying for the services that cannot served you when you needed is unlawful act for the consumer. I need my issue to be resolved ASAP. I demand the right and just action to this action I email the rogers theme as well about this. Paying services and you dont get it and the worst is  the company cannot explain to you why? Is purely robbing peoples money and scam!  Calling the attention of Rogers Company.


Re: Likewise unlawful service!


Hello @Gabinoacena,


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I appreciate the details you've shared with us. I see that you're already reached out to us via PM, I hope your issue is resolved in an efficient manner.





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