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Question about Rogers Mastercard

I i get one and dont use it do i pay anything at end of the month. I basicly want i do buy the odd thing from amazon as i dont have a debt card with a credit card add on or a credit card         ***Edited Labels***

sonyboyj by I'm an enthusiast
  • 26 replies

Connect for success

Hi I joined connect for success last December. I live in low income housing in Ottawa. Prior to December I had struggled to pay the full 90 for internet only. I cut services and didn't have internet for two months,it wasn't until I was complaining to...

Paulinem by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Alzheimer's Proactive Billing Services

I would like to suggest that the outbound calling centre have an augmented tool that has just been made available through clinical research into the effects of Alzheimer's disease:   1) It has been found that when the favorite music of the era when t...