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I am having trouble activating cellular service on my Apple Watch. What to do?

Sometimes our systems are down for maintenance and can affect the activation process. If you experience this, please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us at


The Setup Cellular button is greyed out in the app of my phone when trying to activate my Apple Watch. Why is that?

If you're unable to start the Apple Watch activation process because the Setup Cellular button is greyed out in the app on the iPhone, it may be for 3 reasons:

  • You may not have updated to the latest version of iOS and watchOS
  • The iPhone you're trying to pair with is not provisioned to VoLTE
  • You may have too many lines reserved or devices activated on your Rogers account


I’m unable to send/receive SMS on my Apple Watch. What’s going on?

If your iPhone is turned off or in airplane mode you will be unable to send or receive SMS with Apple Watch over cellular data networks. To continue using these features, your iPhone must be turned on, connected to the cellular network and signed into the same Apple ID as your Apple Watch.


I’m unable to send/receive iMessages on my Apple Watch. What’s going on?

Make sure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are signed into the same Apple ID and that your Apple Watch is connected to a data (cellular) or Wi-Fi network.


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