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TV Reception A Little Whacko?

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Lately we've noticed reception on some shows is far from perfect. The picture breaks up or freezes at least two or three times. It's more frequent with PVR recorded shows. What's the more likely cause? PVR, Rogers transmission or the always popular "weak signal"? We had a Rogers tech replace something in the box outside last year and it was working fine. Are Rogers parts/repairs only good for one year?


Re: TV Reception A Little Whacko?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

1. Failing Hard Drive?  If it doesn't happen when watching live, this would be an indication, although please realize that even when watching live, the programme is being recorded, although you can usually tell if you're watching the recording because the time will be off a few seconds compared to live. You can test this on a channel like CP24 and switch between "live" using the live button and recorded, using the play or FF or REW buttons.


2. Poor signal can always be checked by Rogers remotely or by you.


3. A problem with the broadcaster - typically pretty rare and also easy to diagnose if it happens on more than 1 or 2 channels.


4. As for warranties?  If it's a rental, you can always get it replaced, although that's usually not the problem as outlined in my previous link.  If you own it, you're on your own.

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