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Problem recording a game on TSN

I've been around

HI there,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I subscribed to TSN using my television. I am now trying to record the FIFA Women's soccer games which are all very early in the mornings but its not allowing me to. There is no record option only reminder. How can I record these games?






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Re: Problem recording a game on TSN

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Saozinha425 : Questions.


1. Are you on Rogers Legacy Digital Cable or IgniteTV?

2. Did you actually subscribe using (an app on?) your TV, or a Digital box Or IgniteTV box connected to the TV?

3. Or did you subscribe using the Internet directly with TSN?

4. Or did you subscribe to TSN as a package on Rogers (IgniteTV or Digital Cable?)

5. Are you able to watch the TSN channels and if so, please explain how you watch - either with IgniteTV or Digital cable or perhaps a device like a phone or tablet or computer?


You're only able to record if you're using IgniteTV box (in the cloud) or on a legacy digital cable PVR and a TSN subscription through Rogers.

Re: Problem recording a game on TSN

I've been here awhile

Hi res expert !

I added TSN to my basic Ignite package recently, using the Ignite box, to watch tennis. Is that why I no longer have the option of pre-recording all games of a particular tournament?  

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