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Stop annoying Rogers marketing calls

I've been around

I am being called 3 times daily by People offering a Rogers plan. I am a Rogers customer already.

what can I do to stop those calls?



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Re: Stop annoying Rogers marketing calls


Good evening @Eldad,


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If you are looking to lower the number of unsolicited marketing calls you can register for the National Do Not Call List. Please click the hyperlink to learn the steps on how to register your number to the National Do Not Call List.






Re: Stop annoying Rogers marketing calls

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Eldad wrote: ...what can I do to stop those calls?

Although the DNCL may be of some help, many telemarketers, especially ones located outside Canada, do not respect the DNCL.


What I do is simply not answer any calls that are not from people in my phone's directory.  The ones in my home phone's directory have a "distinctive ring" so I answer those. Most telemarketers do not leave a message if you don't answer. Also, answering a telemarketing call may put you on their list as someone who answers telemarketing calls, which you do not want.  Telemarketers can spoof any phone number they want and they use auto-dialers to call every phone number area by area.


Someone that you do wish to talk to, who is not in your phone's directory, will probably leave a message and you can call them back and add them to your directory.

Re: Stop annoying Rogers marketing calls

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Resident Expert

The Federal Do Not Call list is intended for companies you do not do business with. If you are already a customer of Rogers, then you should call rogers and request to be added to their INTERNAL Do Not Call List.


Here's another Tip, you can do this with most other companies too.

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