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Scam Rogers outage refund text.

I'm a senior advisor

I received this following suspicious text:

















I thought Rogers was going to refund 5 days. This looks ridiculous.


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Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: Scam Rogers outage refund text.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Definite scam. Rogers always credits your account directly and that 5 day refund will (probably) appear in your August bill, but since (I believe) you're only a Rogers PAYGo customer, it may be handled differently...  We'll have to wait and see regarding pre-paid (PAYGo) customers.  It's a very small amount anyway for grandfathered PAYGo accounts.


This text scam has been all over the news.

Re: Scam Rogers outage refund text.

I've been around

Have got a message if a 93.45 interact deposit from Rogers from the outage July 8,2022 is this accurate

Re: Scam Rogers outage refund text.

Good day @Jenny12,


Thanks for joining the Community and we appreicate you took the time to raise awareness about the text message you received.


You should forward this type of suspisious message to SPAM (7726).  You will get a reply from Rogers thanking you for reporting it and that, we'll take it from there.  Replies to 7726 are no cost and help us identify and limit this type of smishing.


If we have to issue you a refund, it will be done directly on your Rogers account.


Hope this helps!



Re: Scam Rogers outage refund text.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

sounds like a scam for sure

Re: Scam Rogers outage refund text.

I've been around

Have others received a text regarding a refund?

What was the value to be?

Re: Scam Rogers outage refund text.

Hello, @Jen79


Welcome to Rogers Community!


I appreciate you joining this thread; we are discussing how these outage refund texts can be a scam. 


We will not be sending you a text message or email about this credit. If you believe you have received a spam text message or email (for example, a text asking you to click on a link to get a refund), please visit our Frauds and Scams hub. Any suspicious texts should be forwarded to 7726 (SPAM). As always, please do not post your account number or share any personal details online.


If you are wondering about the compensation for the July 8th service interruption, then your account will be credited with the equivalent of five days’ service, no action is needed on your part. You can check this discussion - Compensation for Service Interruption.




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