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Scam Calls

I've been around

I've recevied calls over the last two days from (833) 833-6409 and (844) 252-4730 claiming to be Rogers offering sales/deals. I didn't pass on too much information other than they asked if I used social media, texted and made phone calls. I asked for them to send an email to my email on file and they said "they couldn't do that because the purpose of the call was to take advantage of the deals."


Just wanted to pass this on in the event others receive calls from these numbers.


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Re: Scam Calls


Good day @Kenny12,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!


Thanks for raising awareness. A social engineering scam convinces you to perform specific actions or divulge confidential information through psychological manipulation. It can be done over the phone, via message, on the internet or in person.


If you receive a suspicious phone call from Rogers, do NOT provide personal information. If possible, record the phone number that appeared on your call display, then contact Rogers and report the incident. 


If you provided your PIN/password over the phone in response to a suspicious call, or if you don’t have a PIN/password set up on your Rogers account, you can change or create your PIN/password as soon as possible when you have time.


You can find more information, here.



Re: Scam Calls

I plan to stick around

I have received calls recently as well from people with Indian accents, from phone numbers 844-252-5203, 

844-252-5112, and 844-252-4929, displaying as “ROGERS” or “SURVEY” which I thought were suspicious.
(We often receive definite scam calls from people with heavy Indian accents, claiming to be from Rogers, from numbers that don’t display as “ROGERS”.) The last person I talked to today seemed legitimate though, she called from 844-252-5203 and offered a cell phone plan deal for me as a loyal Rogers customer, at a very good rate, for 10 months which I declined.

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