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SCAM - 50$ iPhone 14 Pro with 30 GB plan

I've been around

I have gotten two calls now from what seem to be local numbers.  They identify themselves as representatives calling on behalf of Rogers and offering a 50$ a month plan (taxes included) for 30 GB data/unlimited calling+text plan and iPhone 14 Pro or latest Samsung.  When I said I don’t need the phone they offered just the plan for 30$ (all taxes included again).  When I agreed, they took my email and said someone would phone me back.  Another guy phoned me back and then said to wait for an authentication email so he can continue… the email I got was one of those verification emails for when you forget your own password to log into MyRogers.  I read him the number and immediately got an email saying MyRogers account password has been changed.  I asked what was going on and he tried to explain something about how this is part of the process, but I hung up and immediately changed my password again.  Luckily, I’m not really a Rogers customer but a Shaw Mobile customer.  I thought this was the account conversion team calling me, but one of my red flags should have been that these guys got confused when I mentioned moving my account from Shaw Mobile to Rogers… Problem is, I don’t really know if I can trust anyone from Rogers phoning me again but I would actually like to talk to the conversion team at some point…


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Re: SCAM - 50$ iPhone 14 Pro with 30 GB plan


Hello, @Schnazer.


Welcome to our Community, and thank you for being diligent and sharing your experience. I appreciate your raising awareness of such scams. 


When you are ready to migrate, you can Connect with us during the hours listed on the platform of your choice. 


Thank you for being a member of the Rogers Shaw family!




Re: SCAM - 50$ iPhone 14 Pro with 30 GB plan

I've been around

We had exactly had same call today, unfortunately, my ended up giving some information. I've changed all the password since. 

Re: SCAM - 50$ iPhone 14 Pro with 30 GB plan

I've been here awhile
I fell for the same scam
I just gave them the Rogers code and they changed my password
Hanged up right after and changed the password
What else would they be doing?
What else to do to protect myself mm?

Re: SCAM - 50$ iPhone 14 Pro with 30 GB plan

I've been around

Similar scam but now the offer is $50 for 60gb with iPhone 14promax or a Samsung phone. When I said not interested in phone. He offered $28 for 60gb with the usual unlimited stuff PLUS unlimited Canada and U.S.A. roaming. 2 year term. I felt deal was too good to be true. So I asked him to email me the deal so I could look it. Also because the call quality was so poor each time they called and I had a really hard time hearing them. I reached out to Rogers to confirm if the sender’s email ( was legit. I was told no. Many red flags 1) the deal was too good to be true 2)he asked me to confirm if I was an existing Rogers or Fido customer. When I asked shouldn’t you already know this? He said they are only given customer’s phone number no other information 3) when he asked for my email address to send me the promotion he said make sure it’s an email associated with your Rogers account because the authentication team needs to verify I am a existing customer. Puts me on brief hold and tells me I’ve been authenticated and email sent. When I said I will look over it when I get the email. He insisted I check my email right away. But it really wasn’t coming up and I asked if I could call back if I’m interested. He said their number was at the bottom of email. found it strange I was able to call back as in pass I’m always told I cannot call the loyalty or promo department back directly. 4) the promo email was simple and didn’t look very professional. 5)I’ve been getting calls 2x a day now asking if I’m interested in the deal after seeing the email. I tell them straight up that I’ve reported them to Rogers fraud dept and anti-fraud centre but they don’t seem to care. I’ve even said I’ve reported them to the police. They just keep following a robotic script “so are you interested in this promotion?” I asked “why would I be interested in a fraudulent deal? Their response: “I understand ma’’am so are you interested in this promotion?” I actually tried to call back the # (+1437 780 8481) provided in their email, and someone does pick up as “Rogers Promotional Department”. I asked to speak to the guy, Steve Clay agent 1517, who sent me the email and he quickly transferred me to Steve Clay. Sure enough it was Steve Clay as I recognized his voice. They call me every day now. The numbers usually start with 647-402 or 647-422 647-420. I tried to call back each of these number and some go straight to an inactive voice mail, one number I think someone is manually “ending” the call as it doesn’t go to voice mail.
Yesterday I tried to play along and you could hear the excitement. Then after choosing my phone colour I asked what he’s gonna need from me? My credit card information? he said no just your email. I was thinking what kinda of scam just needs your email? So now I’m board I guess they are after the account. When I called into Rogers. I already had a fraud alert notes on my account.


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Re: SCAM - 50$ iPhone 14 Pro with 30 GB plan

Hey @Tt29 !


Welcome to the community and thank you so much for taking the time to share this very detailed account! I'm certain it will help many others refrain from becoming a victim of fraud. 👍


We also appreciate you reaching out to us to report the incident. It's always better to be safe, than sorry. 🙂


All the best,




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