Rogers Credit Card promotion email

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Rogers Credit Card promotion email

I recently received a promotional offer for a Rogers platinum MasterCard, pre approved.

I followed the link through the initial email and maybe should have checked the information a bit better, I'm certain it's legitimate as the process was through the website, I made a few mistakes that I had to correct in which it prompted, leading me to believe it's legitimate.

I didn't however receive a confirmation email, only a card would be sent in 5-7 days after the process was complete.

The email address is as follows:

Reply to:



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Re: Rogers Credit Card promotion email

Hello, @Djross


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


With scammers becoming more and more sophisticated these days I can understand how important it is to ensure an offer is legitimate.


We have limited access to assist with Rogers Bank inquiries here in the Community. Please reach out to our Rogers Bank support teams via any of the methods listed here.


It would also be beneficial to the Community if you could post a screenshot of the email you received. This will help other users determine if email offers they've received are legitimate as well. Please be sure to redact any personal information before posting the screenshot to the Community.


Thank you for posting your concern.