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Fraud Alert

I just saw this posted on Facebook:


"Fraud Alert: I started getting calls and letters from AffGlo (Affinity Global) out of Markham. They say I have an outstanding account with Rogers for $530 however they are prepared to settle for $322. Payment can be made through CIBC or by credit card.

I have no outstanding accounts with Rogers (confirmed with Rogers). This company is known to Rogers as scam artists. I advised them they are not to contact me by phone, letter or electronically or I call the police. They requested further information 'to confirm my account'. Ha! "


Be aware that if you've had a delinquent Rogers account thaat was sold to a collection agency, Rogers will have closed it. But in this case it's definitely a scam by someone posing as a collection agency. With Canadians owing so much money to so many companies these days, it's easy to fall prey of these scammers.


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Re: Fraud Alert

 Thanks for this update, @OLDYELLR.

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Re: Fraud Alert



As always, thank you for your contribution in helping keeping our Community safe. These days, you have to be ever so vigilant when receiving a suspicious call/text/email, in order to safeguard yourself from being a victim of fraud. 


While Affinity Global is an Agency Vendor with Rogers, we do encourage anyone who feels there may be a fraud, phishing or scamming attempt in action to report such incidents to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and/or reach out to Rogers to confirm if there are any collections activity, outstanding and/or agency assigned accounts. We are always here to help Smiley Happy


Contact details below:


Toll Free #: 1-888-495-8501


Thank you again for flagging!




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Re: Fraud Alert

this was the letter i got for this company they claim i have a outstanding account notice of collection?

(Removed link for security reasons - RogersMoin)


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Re: Fraud Alert

Affglo has been sending me emails informing me that I have an outstanding balance with Rogers Communication for cable services.
I have never had cable service from any company for at least the past six years.
I called Rogers to find out about this company and they informed me that there records show that I do not have a balance and I should ignore the emails.
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Re: Fraud Alert

How do I delete AffGlo from my phone message list without deleting all the calls?

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Re: Fraud Alert

Here are some screen shots of phishing texts I've received. In my case I'm not a customer, so I was suspicious right away. Needless to say, clicking the links would lead to your information being stolen.



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Re: Fraud Alert

Good afternoon @Shiryl,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your inquiry.


One simple search on Google and you can see how many people have been negatively impacted due to this specific collections scam 😔.


Are you inquiring about how to delete incoming/missed calls from Affinity Global? If yes, then may I know what type of device do you have? I would be able to provide the right steps depending on the phone you use. 



@OLDYELLR, you're absolutely right! It's always best to avoid clicking on any links received from an unknown number.






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