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Call offering great deal on services I already have.

I've been around

Guy called from 519-507-4xx7 offering a deal on services I already have.  They were not aware I had the services and pushed very hard for me to take the deal to save a few bucks.  They said they would swap out the equipment I have for new equipment.  It felt pretty sketchy.  


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Re: Call offering great deal on services I already have.


Hello @rosanneargueta ,


Welcome to the Rogers community! We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and help spread awareness about these types of phone scams that seem to be happening quite often these days. I'm sure it will help others avoid a potential sticky situation!


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Re: Call offering great deal on services I already have.

I've been here awhile

I just got one today which I believe is sketchy, offering the same package as I have with new hardware ('version 7') for $104 which is about $35 less than I pay now.  Sounded good, but then rep who said was a Rogers telemarketer out of Brampton told me I needed to cancel my current account and set up a new one under a different name and email/phone.  And to tell rogers when they call to confirm order that I don't have rogers and am a new customer.  Love to save $30 a month, and love to have 'the latest' equipment, but the whole lie-as-new-customer bit is a turn off.  The phone numbers used (three calls - two from a rep to make the offer and one from one to close) are 289-301-6xx2 (showing as from chatham-kent), and 226-797-4xx8 (showing as from markham).

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