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Rogers 4G LTE Coverage Area

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My daughter and son-in law recently moved to an area that is clearly within the 4G LTE Coverage Area, as indicated by the map of their area as accessed through the link at They moved into a rental property in February, and into their permanent home in July. Prior to continuing their mobile services with Rogers, we investigated the Rogers mobile network, and there is NO EXT whatsoever indicated on Rogers map but 4G LTE shows a wide coverage area, with no pockets.  2 phones were purchased at $200 apiece in the middle of July. The 4G LTE has been poor at best at their home, and Nov 14, 2022 my daughter received a message that she was using the EXT network too often, and Rogers may restrict her access to the EXT network. I called Rogers multiple times on behalf of my daughter and son-in law, as the two phones are tied to my account. So far, I have had no success. Today, my son-in law was advised that Rogers is cutting him off from access to the EXT for 30 is interesting, as he had no prior notice.  I made another call to Rogers today, the fellow was sympathetic but this case cannot be determined at his level. He sent an email to his manager, with the intent that a case # is assigned and it would be forwarded to the Office of the President. Based on what I have read in the forum so far, I am not convinced Rogers will rule in our favour. How can a company falsely advertise 4G LTE coverage, only to cut someone off for 30 days (and possibly permanently), for a situation that is clearly out of their control? We did our homework prior to agreeing to new terms. and committing to new phones. After the issues started, we found the closest tower to their home, approximately 6 km away. At the tower, we had full bars. 1 km away from the tower we had 1 bar. At their home, the two phones have 1 bar, then 2, then 1, then EXT and so on, all during the same conversation. One Rogers rep suggested they change providers, it's no big deal, as the phones now come unlocked.......the point they missed? That $550 is owed on each phone. The balance would not be an issue if the service was reliable and they could stay on as Rogers customers for the whole 2-year term.....however, it is NOT at all reliable. Rogers needs to make good on this ......


Re: Rogers 4G LTE Coverage Area

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Resident Expert

@Dissatisfied63 fwiw, here's a couple of links to Canadian Cell Tower maps, so that you can determine who has the nearest cell tower from your daughter's home.


You can zoom into that map until you find the location of interest.  At that point click or double click on the map which will deposit a marker on the map.  Then click on any cell tower of interest to display a popup display showing the range and terrain to the tower in question.  It also shows the tower location details, frequency details, transmission azimuth and power output which may be of some interest to you.


You can search the site for your home location and then zoom from there.  Select any tower on the map to display the frequency details and follow the display details link to see a better display of the tower frequencies.  

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