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Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error

I'm here a lot

I’m having issues signing in. I just redid my services with Rogers as my contract has ended and I now have the steaming NHL service free for a year. When I type in my Rogers account info for the NHL service it tells me ‘Invalid Credentials’. Where do I go from here? Help would be appreciated.


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Re: Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error


Hello, @3Apples


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


We appreciate your loyalty, thank you for renewing your contract and for posting your query in the Community.


With some residential bundles/Internet packages the Rogers NHL LIVE subscription is included,  do you see your NHL LIVE subscription when you log into your MyRogers? If yes, please click on NHL LIVE and follow the on-screen instruction to sign in. 


Keep us posted on the outcome. 




Re: Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error

Thanks for the reply but unfortunately I don’t see it anywhere.

Re: Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error

Thank you for your reply @3Apples!


Moving forward, you will not sign in to Rogers NHL LIVE with your MyRogers login. You'll now have a new Rogers NHL LIVE ID, which we’ve created based on your MyRogers profile on August 3, 2018. It will be a seamless login experience. 

Your Rogers NHL IDs and passwords are now self-serve, and you can get all of the reset support you need by visiting and clicking on Sign In.


If you do not have a Rogers NHL LIVE™ account or a Rogers Media profile click here to create one.


Don't forget the "Forgot Password?" option!


I was also wondering; what platform have you tried to access it from?

If you tried from a web page, please try to clear the cache and delete your cookies before trying again.


Last but not least, although the NHL has announced that they will be releasing some pre-season games as part of their testing process and preparation for the regular season, this does not change our Rogers NHL LIVE support. As you know, Rogers NHL LIVE does not include pre-season games for the 2018-19 season and the first officially supported game is streaming on October 3.


Hope this helps!



Re: Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error

Still no luck. I’ve tried to find it on as well as the NHL app. Still says ‘Invalid Credentials’. I’m using my Mac as well as my iPhone. Both Safari browser. Also tried deleting cookies. No luck.

Re: Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error

Hello again @3Apples,


Thank you for your reply!

  • Have you been able to access NHL LIVE since you posted last night?

The "Invalid Credentials" error message you are seeing does indeed refer to your username and password combination.


If it does not allow you access, it might be that you have not created the NHL ID as required. 

If you do not have a Rogers NHL LIVE™ account/profile, click here to create one.


I appreciate you took the time to let us know the steps you've gone through so far.

This would provide you with a confirmation on whether or not your username is recognized.


Let us know if you need further assistance!



Re: Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error

This is getting ridiculous. Still no luck.

Re: Rogers NHL LIVE - Invalid Credentials error

Good afternoon @3Apples!


I am sorry to hear that you're still not having any luck with this. We'll need to investigate and troubleshoot a bit further with you in order to find a solution.


Please PM us and I will look into this for you. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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