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Tablet SIM. No IPv6?

I plan to stick around

So I have two smartphone SIMs and a tablet SIM.  On the phones I am able to get an IPv6 address no problems.  On my iPad (using lteinternet.apn) I'm only given an IPv4 address.  It's been a long time since Rogers deployed this on smartphones so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if that's just the way it is.  Seems kind of silly and I wish that wasn't the case.





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Re: Tablet SIM. No IPv6?


Hello @xeronine


It's hard to say right now whether or not this is a settings related issue or otherwise.


Is there any reason in particular that you require your device to use an IPv6 address at this time? What model iPad and iOS version are you running?


Please let us know!




Re: Tablet SIM. No IPv6?

I plan to stick around


Thanks for your response!


Is there any way you can test on your end if this is the case?  Is there another APN one can use with a tablet?  Curious why it can't use the same APN as a smartphone, especially seeing as it's otherwise treated like a smartphone SIM (can make phone calls, though you pay $1/minute) and can receive text messages, etc.


As for why, I guess it's not really required.  But I have a few services that run on different computers that are NAT'ed with no port forwarding, but that are available using IPv6.  Not a a huge deal as my iPad is generally at home, but would be nice.


And this is with an iPad Pro 10.5" running the latest iOS 12 beta.  That could be the issue, but given that I'm also running the same beta on my iPhone and things are working properly and IPv6 works on wifi, it's likely we can rule out the OS as the problem.

Re: Tablet SIM. No IPv6?

Hey @xeronine,


Just wanted to chime in, alternatively you can also try using ltemobile.apn. Let us know if that helps!




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