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Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2 - Enable bridge mode?

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I'm currently on Roger's 5G home internet plan. They've sent me a Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2; I currently have a double NAT configured for my home network since I have my own Asus router but I've been looking to put the modem into bridge mode.

It seems as though the option to disable "Route Mode" and enable Bridge mode is greyed out for me under the access point settings since the default APN cannot be changed.

I've created a new APN according to the instructions another ISP had posted Optus instructions but to no avail.

Has anyone been able to configure bridge mode for their Nokia Modem? Could someone at Rogers post an APN configuration to enable bridge mode on the Rogers network?


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Re: Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2 - Enable bridge mode?

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@Spectrox wrote:

That is incorrect. You are able to portforward using the Nokia Fastmile Gateway using Rogers 5G internet service even while a double NAT is configured. The Nokia Gateway supports port forwarding out of the box; while in a double NAT configuration, you will need to open the required ports on your personal router and the Fastmile Gateway, then add your personal router to the DMZ of your Nokia Gateway.

Furthermore, the “marked solution” was not marked by me; it was marked by one of the forum moderators. Personally, it is not an acceptable solution as it is an assumption, not a fact.

Thanks for the follow-up.  I deliberately waited 24 hours before replying to @pjt 's post, hoping that somebody else with first-hand experience would reply first.


Furthermore, if anything that I posted here in this thread was either incorrect or not entirely correct, I would welcome an authoritative post from the @CommunityHelps  team (or anyone at Rogers) with clarification.

Re: Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2 - Enable bridge mode?

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Would this Work ?

How to Fix Double NAT via Your Router

Don’t worry if your ISP router doesn’t support the Bridge Mode. You can still fix the Double NAT problem by making your non-ISP router an Access Point. The Access Point functionality will work in the same manner, removing the router’s NAT functionality.

  • Open your router’s login page (find details either on the back of the router or in its manual)
  • Enter the credentials to proceed
  • Click Wireless Options on your router (the name of an option may vary in different routers)
  • Toggle on or Enable Access Point (AP) Mode
  • Click Save Changes
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