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Does anyone know if I can obtain static IP for wireless data plan (4G router)?

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I am using wiflyer 4g router and trying to do port forwarding…unsuccessful however. All router settings are correct, but ports are closed. I figured the issue is 4g router I am using has different external ip, compared to what “what’s my ip” shows. I am curious if I can get a static ip for this data plan and will it resolve the problem?

your help is appreciated.




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Re: Does anyone know if I can obtain static IP for wireless data plan (4G router)?


Hello, @FlexiTech.


I appreciate your posting your query, and welcome to our Community!


As you observed, the external IP is dynamic and changes often; you may not set up port forwarding successfully. 


You can check the other discussions we had to gather more useful info on this topic:

As for getting a static IP, you may want to connect with our Business Internet Support. Usually, 1 static IP included with Rogers Wireless Business Internet plans. 




Re: Does anyone know if I can obtain static IP for wireless data plan (4G router)?

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Hi Flex,

To access your modem from the outside (that is the internet) you need first of all a public IP. 

Your ZTE is a device within the Rogers mobile network and gets an IP  assigned within that network. This is the WAN IP address within the Rogers network not the IP address your ZTE advertises on the internet. For $5/month Rogers will give you a public IP address: Your IP on the internet will then be the same as your WAN IP.

In your current setup you can check your internet IP at and your WAN IP in the configuration settings of the ZTE.


Secondly you may want a static IP address that is always the same. Again for another $5/month Rogers will give you a fixed IP that never changes after a reboot of the ZTE of a reset of the Rogers mobile network. Of you can sign up for a dynamic IP service like the paid service at or sign up for a free service at like I did. But then you will need to have a device running 24/7 within your home network to update your IP very time Rogers assigns you a new public IP. DNSexit has a free IP update program that runs as a Windows service.

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