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Reliability using Ethernet

I Plan to Stick Around

I am not an IgniteTV subscriber, but I have a question about the IgniteTV set top boxes. I assume it is possible to connect them to the home network via ethernet. I have also noted on these forums about concerning issues requiring reboots and about WiFi connection issues.


If anyone is running their STB via ethernet, do you still experience network issues, freezing, and other issues that generally require a power cycle? Is running the STB via ethernet noticeably more reliable?


Re: Reliability using Ethernet


Greetings @chank!


I currently have the STB closest to my modem hardwired via Ethernet and I find it to be incredibly reliable. My upstairs STB is connected via WiFi but doesn't see much use.


It's been my experience that whenever I felt the need to power cycle a STB or my modem in the past year, it was due to an area issue that would be escalated for repairs and maintenance. There was ongoing construction in my area that created some residual issues that have since been resolved and now my service is honestly better than ever!


I personally always prefer an Ethernet connection whenever it's possible but I've been rather satisfied with 5G WiFi in recent years. One of the projects on my To-Do list is to fish Ethernet throughout my house and install ports in every room where an Internet connection is needed but unfortunately, I have higher priority projects to get to first! 😉




Re: Reliability using Ethernet

I Plan to Stick Around
My experience with Ignite TV appears to be unusual, as whether wired or wireless, my tv experience has been rock solid with no need to power cycle anything.

I have experienced no difference between my wired box and the wireless units.
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