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Delay in changing some channels

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I have noticed over the last week there is a long delay in changing 'some' channels.  The screen doesn't go blank, but rather the dots just keep moving until the channel comes on - usually 10-15 seconds vs 2 seconds for the other channels.  The channels are mostly the Sportsnet channels, CNBC and CTV.  It doesn't happen all the time, nor at any specific time of the day.  No difference between a wired connection and wifi.   No issues with other channels.   And yes I rebooted!


Curious if anyone else has noticed this.


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Re: Delay in changing some channels


Hey @jjjjy7!


Thanks for sharing your issue with the rest of the community! 10-15 seconds in between channel changing does seem like an unusually long gap of time. 😞


I also have Ignite TV services myself and I tried changing to and from the channels you've mentioned (except CNBC as I don't subscribe to it) and I'm only experiencing maybe a 1-2 second delay. Is this happening when you are changing over to or out of the mentioned channels? 


If anyone else can do a quick test and let us know your findings, that would be super helpful! We'd like to figure out if this issue is happening with multiple customers or if it is just a one-off situation. 




Re: Delay in changing some channels

I'm a Reliable Contributor


I too just started noticing this last night.

I'm in Mississauga, Ontario.

I have a direct ethernet connection from my personal router to the TV box.

I've tried:

1. Restarting the Ignite box

2. Unplugging the Roger modem, unplugging my router, wait, re-plug the Rogers modem, wait, re-plug my router, wait


The CTV channel is especially long ... 10+ seconds.


Re: Delay in changing some channels

Greetings @SpeedyC!


Can you confirm if this behaviour happens without your personal router in the loop? Turning off bridge mode and using only Rogers equipment is one of the steps we must take when troubleshooting Ignite TV issues.




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