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Blue tooth headphone audio delays with video

I've been around
Just had a successfull visit from a Rogers Tech.!
Who knew it “can” happen!

Replaced a tv ignite box.

I use blue tooth headphones. Due to a bad blue tooth transmitter IN the rogers box. The sound had drop outs and 3-5 second delay from video due buffering on the headphones trying to handle the noisy signal.

New box solved it! Didn’t take the new remote as the new one had no ”key press” feel. Crummy membrane keypad quality on some of these. I use blue tooth early mornings and late night to not disturb the household 😉

And since the box stays on with the tv off, you can “listen only” via bluetooth headphones or a bluetooth speaker (Bose, Sonos, etc ) connected this way.

. Oh and if you have more than one blue tooth set up on another tv box they CAN interfere with each other. Only having one set up at a tome solves that!

Ps some Rogers CS techs on line or on the phone do not know their boxes have a blue tooth transmitter!

Pps to get the the settings for attaching headphones, use the voice remote and say “device settings“ to get there or use the rogers button on the remote.

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