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Home phone no dial tone

I've been around

Hi. My Home Phone hasn't been working consistently for nearly two months. I've had five technicians in my apartment, and know about two other visits to my building resulting from my call-ins. I've experienced multiple dropped calls, and frequently have no dial tone for extended periods of time (the modem gets stuck in "reboot" for hours). My modem has been replaced twice (i.e. the problem is not the modem). My TV and Internet services are working, and my Internet was checked just this morning as I know it shares a frequency with Home Phone and problems there can interfere -- everything is fine there. I even had a tech replace my splitter this morning -- everything worked for a while, then I noticed the lights flashing on my modem indicating the Home Phone was down again...and then it came back online...and now it's down again. I even replaced my cordless phone a while ago -- didn't help. The problem is intermittent, unpredictable, but happening daily and getting worse. I think we're all at a loss. Anything me or the techs are missing? Thanks! 


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Re: Home phone no dial tone


Hello, @Jen48


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I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you to be facing these issues consistently for almost 2 months now. =(


I'm surprised that they were unable to find a solution even after having so many technicians out to your home. I'd like to rule out all possibilities here. Is it possible to plug the Home Phone modem power supply into a different power socket in the apartment? You may need to use an extension cord to make this work but I am curious to see if maybe the power socket is not functioning properly which would cause the Home Phone modem to reboot causing no dial tone and dropped calls.


A signal issue in your apartment would likely affect all of your services not just the Home Phone. Since our technicians are not certified electricians they would not be able to test for a faulty power socket.


Let us know if you notice any improvement when plugging into a different power socket.



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